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The Summer of Meijer is Nearly Upon Old Redford

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Meijer hasn't sent out a save-the-date yet, but the superstore's west-side sequel is on track to open sometime this summer, roughly two years after the grand debut of Detroit's first Meijer on 8 Mile. The brothers Meijer have identical price tags ($20M) and footprints (190,000 SqFt), but officials insist that Meijer West is distinctly a "neighborhood store." We're hoping that means a simpler interior layout (who puts food in the middle?) and a better paint scheme than the brown/cream mashup found at 8 Mile. For a real taste of how much the property has changed in a few short years, check out the Google StreetView imagery from 2009, when Redford High School was still standing. It was demolished in 2012.
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