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Abandoned DPD Crime Lab Begins to Crumble in Brush Park

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The crime lab on Friday afternoon[Paul Beshouri/Curbed Detroit]

In Brush Park, one of Detroit's more scandal-ridden buildings is quietly being torn down. Shuttered in 2008, the Detroit Police Department Crime Lab ceased operations after it was found routinely committing "serious errors" caused in part by "the deplorable conditions of the facility." The scandal generated a second scandal in 2011, with a Free Press report that opened with this alarming paragraph:

Thousands of rounds of live ammunition, sealed evidence kits and case files -- some containing Social Security numbers of rape and assault victims -- lay amid rubble in a crime lab abandoned by Detroit police two years ago. It's been an ugly graffiti magnet ever since. Excavators have been doing their thing for a few days, but the building looks far from disappearing altogether.
· Dangerous debris, evidence left in Detroit Police crime lab [Freep]