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Restoration Reaches Belle Isle Aquarium's Biggest Skylight

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The dome skylight pre-rehab [Chris and Michelle Gerard]
The dome skylight pre-rehab [Chris and Michelle Gerard]

After daylighting a pair of skylights last year, restoration experts at the Belle Isle Aquarium are tackling a bigger challenge: the skylight atop the central dome. From repairs to a basic cleaning, the octagonal window was in desperate need of attention. The skylight sits underneath a windowed cupola, which is enjoying a small rehab of its own. The project's grand finale could happen as soon as next month, when the cupola is capped with a new weathervane. Designed by Bruce Gerlach and forged by Venus Bronze Works, the weathervane features a gar (a fish native to the Great Lakes) above four electric eels. The original weathervane disappeared at some point during the aquarium's long history.

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