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Indian Village's Ancient Streetlights Aren't Going Anywhere

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They were first installed over a century ago, but Indian Village's old streetlights are likely here to stay. As thousands of new streetlights are installed across Detroit, the neighborhood has fought to restore—rather than replace—about 60 lamps installed in 1910. It looks like the effort just paid off, big time.

The state's Michigan Heritage Restoration Program just awarded a $102,600 grant for "the rehabilitation and installation of 57 historic City of Detroit streetlights in the Indian Village neighborhood." Combined with the $85K already raised through donations, it's enough to surpass the fundraising campaign's $180K goal. The photo on the right shows how the lamps would look post-restoration. The city's relighting effort won't splurge for anything beyond the most basic streetlights, neighborhoods are allowed to raise their own money for something nicer. Indian Village isn't the first neighborhood to take advantage of the opportunity.
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