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Vinton Rehab Adds Apartments, Skywalk, Tiny Roof Deck

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Dan Gilbert is finally starting work on the Vinton Building, an Albert Kahn design from 1916. Based on info presented at the HDC meeting earlier this week, here's what we know of the plan thus far:
- The upper levels will be renovated as apartments.
- The storefront will be replaced with something glassier.
- Basic repairs to windows, masonry, and the cornice.
- Bedrock is hoping to build a tiny, private roof deck for the uppermost apartment.
- A new glass skywalk over the rear alley will connect Vinton to the First National building's parking garage.
- Bedrock reps said the rear alley will be renovated into a pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare, similar to the Belt behind the Z-Lot.
· Gilbert Buys Brick-Hurling Vinton Building [Curbed]

Vinton Building

600 Woodward, Detroit, mi