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SOLD: Empty Wurlitzer Building Books $20M Hotel Rehab

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Photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard

After several months under contract for $1.1M, the Wurlitzer Building has been actually, officially, and irrevocably sold to New York development company Ash NYC, which reportedly ended up paying $1.4M. A statement from CEO Ari Heckman confirmed the purchase and told everyone to calm down for a moment:

"There is much work to be done before this project is positioned to move forward, but the acquisition of the property is an important step in that direction. We look forward to sharing more details of our plans as they are developed."
We'll await those details, but we've already got several to snack on in the meantime. The $20M+ plan calls for a 100-room boutique hotel with a rooftop lounge and a street-level cafe. Not bad for a 1926 building abandoned three decades ago. Latest ETA: Fall 2016.
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