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"Big Old Blighted Boat" Upsets Posh East Side Neighborhood

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Fox 2 News Headlines
In most gated communities, residents expect near total isolation from any non-gated surroundings. The residents of Morgan Waterfront Estates are no exception, but one of their neighbors—a "hippie boatyard" known as the Goat Yard—isn't so easy to keep at bay. The Goat Yard has a "old big blighted boat" anchored in the canal running behind several of the McMansions, which the developer claims has prevented anyone from buying them. What the Fox 2 story doesn't divulge is that the Goat Yard (which has something of an incredible backstory) and its boat were there long before Gordon Waterfront Estates began construction in 2005. Also worth noting: the neighborhood is home a $2.5M listing that claims to have 13,100 square feet. Sadly, there are no interior photos.
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50 Sand Bar Lane, Detroit MI