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Pair of Discounted Cuties in Corktown: Which Historic Cottage is the Better Deal?

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1352 Labrosse Street in Corktown, as seen from Google Street View.
1352 Labrosse Street in Corktown, as seen from Google Street View.

First up, an historic Corktown cottage that's showing it's age (115, but who's counting?). The 3BR, 1BA abode measures 1,650 square feet—princely dimensions way back in 1875. It hit the market in March asking $120K and recently decided to offer a summer discount of $10,000. Top-to-bottom overhaul (particularly in light of noticeable water damage) not included.

More from 1352 Labrosse Street, including an archival image from the 1970s, before its front porch was removed.

Jog a couple of blocks up Brooklyn Street over to Bagley and you'll meet our next discounted cutie. The 1880 Gothic Revival structure is a bit more grand, and once housed local Detroit activist Shirley Beaupre. The left duplex unit was up for sale late last summer, also for $120,000, and was pulled off the market before coming back as a "for sale by owner" at a slightly reduced $118,000. The interior finishes are dated, and it could use some new flooring, but needed work looks largely cosmetic.

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