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The Red Wings Will Play Hockey In this Giant Crater One Day

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The future home of the Red Wings is a giant dirt bowl right now. Olympia's soil scoopers have cleared out over 225,000 cubic yards of dirt since mass excavation began on the site a few weeks ago. That's almost half of the 480,000 cubic yards needed to make way for the arena, the piece de resistance of the new "The District Detroit" development.

The dirty work is of particular importance to the venue's unique design for two reasons:

1) The deep bowl will allow for a street-level concourse, so patrons can get in without having to climb Mt. Everest-like steps. (Ahem, Joe Louis Arena).
2) A lower bowl means a lower overall height of the entire structure, so it won't tower over everything else in the neighborhood.
Other current site work includes relocating utilities, creating construction roadways and placing construction trailers. The next phase of work is slated to begin in July and includes setting the facility's foundation. - Leslie Youngblood

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