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Fisher Mansion Sale Falls Through, Relists for $1.549M

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Motown's Fisher Mansion is back on the market for $1.57 million after plans to convert it into a dormitory for addiction treatment patients met pushback and zoning challenges. For those not following along, here's a brief backstory:

California's Breathe Life Healing Center and their gurus began looking for some city digs to set up one of their "spiritual retreat" outposts. They soon discovered the serene vibe of the available Fisher property and made a deal for the space for a cool $1.6 million. When the home's Palmer Park neighbors and surrounding community got wind of the facility and its goings-on, they were all, "You can't do that!" And the gurus were like, "Sure we can!" Now we've learned that the area's residents have won out with the help of city zoning laws.

While the manse renews its search for a long term suitor, we'll gladly take this opportunity to marvel over the historic property once again. Built in 1926 for the Fisher, its 35,000 square feet, 15 bedrooms, 17 baths, ballroom, sunroom, eight car garage, and expansive grounds have more character and detail than you could shake a spiritual stick at. - Leslie Youngblood
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