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Alert! Curbed Detroit Seeks New Part-Time Editor. Is It You?

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Effective immediately, Curbed Detroit is on the hunt for a part-time editor. Interested? Read on.

First, you need to live in Detroit and, at some deep level, love Detroit, because the work involves daily blogging about the areas, characters, and built environment that make Detroit Detroit. It's not necessary that you be some sort of real estate expert. Instead, we're hoping to find someone obsessed with the combination of the ins and outs of neighborhoods, architecture, design, parks, history, urban planning, and residential real estate, to name a few core obsessions. Interest in social media—e.g., you use Twitter and Facebook and enjoy it—is also a plus, as the gig involves responsibilities in that sphere.

To apply, email with the subject line "Curbed Detroit Editor"; include a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about why you're interested. If you've got a blog, Tumblr, Twitter, or Pinterest board, kick the links to all sundry our way, too. If we like what we see, we'll follow up quickly. Real estate agents, we love you but sadly we cannot hire you. Thanks!