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Projects Galore in $299K Indian Village Cottage

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Built in 1915,this 4-bed, 2-bath English cottage style home on Burns Street has glowing wood floors in its expansive-but-homey living room. A recent (basic) kitchen remodel maintains the home's original tall, white-painted cabinets, and the place has tons of curb appeal with its stucco facade and blue shutters that fall somewhere between "cerulean" and "sky." This house has two fireplaces, a sleeping porch and a detached garage. While some of the original floors have been restored, the house has a number of projects for the industrious homeowner who wants to put aher stamp on things. Where there are some very nice built-ins and original moldings, there is also a ton of oatmeal wall-to-wall carpeting, a sadly neglected garage, and a completely unfinished dormer. A past owner's modern "solution" to the lack of closets in one bedroom, a bizarre alcove that combines the utility of an apartment storage locker with the charm of a Target fitting room, masks the room's best feature, the coved ceiling. The Easter-candy purple paint isn't helping, but paint is an easy fix (per every real estate agent, ever). - Rebecca Golden

· 2501 Burns Street, Detroit, MI [Estately]