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Renting an Up North Cabin? Consider Ludington Cottages

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With summer temps regularly hitting the 80s, many a Detroiter's thoughts turn nostalgically to Up North lake rentals. Even people from Toledo spent many a week in some scary shack rented by parents on one of Michigan's hundreds of resort lakes. While the prior generation had to rely on things like newspapers and word-of-mouth, modern folk have Craigslist. A scan of lake rentals on Detroit Craigslist quickly yielded Lake Michigan's Ludington Cottages.

There are literarily hundreds of summer lake rentals available in Michigan, but Ludington has the appeal of a range of prices and a variety of cute rentals, most resembling studio apartments from the 1950s. Rates range from $850 a week to a tiny studio that sleeps three, to $1700 for the main house, a 2-bedroom craftsman style bungalow that sleeps 8. - Rebbeca Golden

· Lakeview Cottages [official website]