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Albert Kahn-Designed Golf Course Estate Offered for $499K

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Photos via <a href=",-82.74456,42.19546,-83.453178_rect/10_zm/#hdp-photo-lightbox=">Zillow</a>
Photos via Zillow

This 4-bedroom, 5.5-bath house by the Detroit Golf Club practically defines "curb appeal" with its Spanish tile roof, mosaic brickwork and long, curving drive. Built in 1921, the arts-and-crafts residence occupies a choice lot adjacent to the golf course, giving prospective homeowners sweeping views of the 12th fairway.
Designed by storied Detroit architect Albert Kahn, the home's beautiful original woodwork includes carved stair rails and custom casework around two massive Pewabic-tiled fireplaces. Many of the home's wood floors have been restored to their original glory, and many rooms feature oak wainscoting whose dark tone highlights unique plasterwork. One ceiling features brightly colored frescoed plaster portraits of woodland creatures and an elaborate floral border.

The kitchen maintains the home's character while giving homeowners a few 2015 bells and whistles. A basement remodel adds over 2000 square feet of living space to the already generous 4000 square feet upstairs. Contractors spared no expense here—there's enough stone to fill three abandoned quarries, including one very interesting bathroom/toilet cave covered in dark stone tile.

Outside, a patio colonnade overlooks a large backyard, many mature trees and the golf course. A second story veranda allows for more outdoor leisure. The house sold just four years ago for $146K, and it's clear that the owners (or investors) spent that time remodeling. And installing stone. Lots and lots of stone.

· 17535 Hamilton Rd [Zillow]