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Full Court Pressure Mounts for Pistons' Downtown Move

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See, people do still listen to the radio. At least when Mayor Duggan throws shade on the Palace of Auburn Thrills and advocates for a professional basketball team in downtown Detroit. Arn Tellem, new vice chairman of Palace Sports and Entertainment, has been given the greenlight by Pistons president Tom Gores to seek out options for a potential move back to Detroit proper, and out of the suburbs, when he takes over this August.

There are two main options, as outlined by The Detroit News: Come 2017, the Pistons can share court time with the Red Wings in their new arena, or, "There's also a Hail Mary option to tear down the half-built Wayne County Jail and build [one] in conjunction with Quicken Loans chairman Dan Gilbert."

Dan Gilbert, city development all-star and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, voiced his support stating, "You have to sell more than just the game. You have to sell the entire experience, and you can't get that in a field [in Auburn Hills]. You gotta get that in an urban corridor, where there are restaurants or casinos or other entertainment venues."

Olympia Entertainment president Tom Wilson also expressed that he is willing to work with Gores in future business ventures in a statement. To which we pile on with a giant co-sign: Game on. —Leslie Youngblood

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