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1920s on the Outside, 70's Bond-Villain Lair on the inside in Sherwood Forest for $225K

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Photo via Zillow

This Sherwood Forrest gem is amazing on the outside with its Tudor stucco facade and solemn, stately grey color scheme. On the inside, a few touches of the 1920s remain: the living room has a handsome white marble fireplace and original hardwood floors, the arched interior doorways are nice and the house has a spectacular, curved stair. The stairs and living room are where the 20's stay, while all the other rooms look like 1970s television sitcom set design (think Mr. Brady's architecture on the Brady Bunch).

The charm wears thin immediately after a full bath with original ceramic tile in pink and aqua. All the other rooms have been remodeled in a strange style that is very 1970s, and not at all 1920s. The kitchen, for example, is dim and has permanently mounted television, and the master bedroom has a weird green jacuzzi tub sunk into its floor. This house's interior looks more like a swinging 1970's bachelor sex den than anything that belongs in a 1920s Tudor mansion. At $225K, the house seems a bit overpriced given the restoration most homeowners into grand old homes would need to do here. ·Brady Home Interiors [Pinterest]
·19710 Roslyn St [Zillow]