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Celebrate the Motor City's 314th with the Detroit Drunken Historical Society

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Looking for a little Saturday night fun? Come honor Motown's birthday at the Jam Handy. The fine folks at the Detroit Drunken Historical Society are putting on a 314th birthday bash in an old industrial building that once housed a Detroit film studio. The $25 admission price gets you dinner, beer, wine, and beats by a live DJ (better than by a dead one!). There will also be history presentations and an exhibition of new work by metro Detroit artists. This year, the all ages event focuses on the city's French history, and the artists in the exhibition were asked to take inspiration from an 1883 book, "The Legends of le Détroit," described by organizers as "a compilation of myth and folklore from Detroit's French era."

Food by Upriver Local and drinks by Brew Detroit make for a tasty evening in the motor city. The venue, the Jam Handy building, is the former film studio that produced the classic 1948 animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as well as numerous Big Three training films, has its own fascinating backstory which will come front and center during a presentation by its current owner, Simeon Heyer. The art for the event, curated by Corktown Studios, will be auctioned as part of the festivities, with proceeds to benefit the artists and the studio. Both food and beer will highlight city history, though the promised available "vegan option" seems less French Detroit and more like something the English would like. The party starts Saturday, July 25th at 7 pm. at the Jam Handy Building, 2900 East Grand Boulevard.

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