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July's Drinks X Design Focuses on Architecture

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This Thursday, July 9, Drinks X Design takes over the Carr Center for an evening of music and discussion about architecture. The party, a monthly gathering of designers, architects, artists and other creative professionals, will also include participation by Detroit's chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) along with representatives of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). Billed as a time to "celebrate and explore architecture," the event will include drinks, schmoozing and entertainment by way of a funk concert put on by Carr Center in adjacent Harmonie Park.

While people on the lower level party down at the concert, Drinks X Design's collaborator in the event, Pecha Kucha Detroit, a hybrid presentation software creator/architecture education nonprofit will host eight speakers discussing a variety of architecture-related subjects. Carr Center itself is a draw—its commitment to art in the community includes an artists' hub and the Carr Center Arts Academy.

Drinks X Design, put on by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (organizers of the annual Detroit Design Festival), chooses a new venue every month, and offers wine, beer and food that ranges from basic nibbles to excellent nosh. The smoked salmon and crepes the offered three summers ago at industrial design group GH+A's HQ comes immediately to mind. Ticket reservations are required for Thursday's event and you need to be over 21 to attend. People interested in art, architecture and design in Detroit are welcome—admission may be free, but the networking opps are priceless. - Rebecca Golden

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