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Fully Furnished 2-Bed Art Center Apartment $1975

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 Via<a href="http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_rent/Detroit-MI/house,condo,apartment_duplex,townhouse_type/2101790267_zpid/17762_rid/days_sort/42.497415,-82.74456,42.208176,-83.453178_rect/10_zm/"> Zillow</a><br>
Via Zillow

With 2-bedrooms and 2-baths (including an en suite), this apartment has many charming features for the busy professional who needs a hassle-free rental. The apartment comes fully furnished and the kitchen is fully equipped to make settling into Detroit easy. If you're new in town and not sure where to live for the long term, this apartment could solve many logistical problems. The furniture in question looks like a (more or less) happy place where Pottery Barn meets HGTV. It's not spectacular, and it's not unique, but it's not ugly or unworkable.

The white kitchen has some boring stock cabinets, but the clean lines of white subway tile and the open shelving over the sink work nicely with the butcher block counters and apron sink. The home has central air, one off-street parking space and shares laundry with the other unit in the building. The apartment offers a prime location—it's two blocks from the DIA and Wayne State, and handy to the M-1 (when that comes online). Utilities are included (handy!), but for nearly $2K a month, they ought to be…and they should throw in WiFi while they're at it, too.—Rebecca Golden

·560 E. Kirby, #1 [Zillow]