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5-Bed, 3-Bath Indian Village Fixer Wants $250K

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Photos via Zillow

Writing your ad in SHOUTY CAPS doesn't make the ugly carpet go away, or fix the dated kitchen with the busted-looking countertops. CAPS certainly don't fix the visible hole in the plaster of the bedroom ceiling. Calling the place "beautiful" doesn't make the dark, unpalatable paint colors better. New paint does this (Curbed pro-tip!). Staging helps. Turning on the lights and moving all the sad homemade window treatments also makes for a better listing. While the realtor needs to watch out for caps lock, this 5-bedroom, 3-bath Indian Village home really does have LOADS OF HISTORIC CHARM, even if that charm is obscured by miles carpet and bad lighting.

Now for the good news: there are wood floors under the carpet. And while the kitchen is a hot mess as is, the original upper cabinets and subway tile could become features of a smart remodel. The original bathroom tiles and sinks remain, as does a very nice oak stair. The house is pretty from the street, too, and given nicely rehabbed homes in Indian Village sometimes sell for upwards of $300K, the right buyer could take this 1921 lemon and make some serious 2015 lemonade.

This Seminole Street house has nearly 3000 square feet, including a "Florida room." There's a fireplace and a large backyard, not to mention two balconies and a large back porch. There's a garage and a massive basement (currently devoted to sketchy-looking laundry, pool table and a terrifying half bathroom that failed to make the listing's official potty count). With a lot of work, this place could shine up real purdy. As is, $250K may be a little hard to get, but you never know what an imaginative buyer will spend when the urge to remodel and renovate takes hold. Given that the place sold for a paltry $30K in 2011, the owner stands to make a tidy profit, even if it the home goes for well under the current ask.

·1002 Seminole/a> [Zillow]
·3449 Seminole St [Zillow]