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Michigan Central Station adds 500 New Windows

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Michigan Central Station really is getting those thousand new windows promised by Matty Moroun. The question remains: now what? Windows are just the beginning. What we really want to know is what Moroun will do with the rest of the building, if anything, ever. Thursday's media tour of the long-shuttered landmark answered few questions about the building, owned by billionaire trucking magnate Moroun since 1996.

The building represents Detroit's struggles to the nation, and has long been a pawn in Moroun's chess game with the city, the state of Michigan and the government of Ontario. They don't want his second bridge, and are building a new one named for Gordie Howe. Moroun wants his monopoly, leading us to wonder if billions aren't enough. Five hundred windows are a start. As a city, we hope for better things, even from Matty Moroun.

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Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216