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Amazing Detroit Drone Video Shows City's Potential

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With the announcement last week of bold new plans for the Metropolitan Building, we've been wondering what other beautiful, untended Detroit places might receive new lives. This drone video made by New York City filmmaker John Marton a few months ago shows some top contenders—the Packard plant, Eastown Theater, and Fisher Body Plant all cry out for love—and redevelopment.

The Packard plant, currently owned by Fernando Palazuelo, seems especially promising, though we thought that in 2014 after Palazuelo's development company, Arte Express, got much of the trash out of the place. Some will view this video as simply more ruin porn. We prefer to see it as instructive, as a challenge, and as a hopeful representation of the beauty of a city that no amount of neglect could ever truly extinguish.

Detroit Drone from John Marton on Vimeo.

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