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Silverdome Guest Stars in Amazing BMX Video

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Tyler Fernengel, a native Michigander and top BMX rider, put the abandoned Pontiac Silverdome to surprisingly good use. Red Bull sponsored the video of his epic Silverdome ride which includes a 23-foot drop you have to see to believe. The Silverdome hosted the Detroit Lions from 1975 when it opened until 2001 when the team left for the newly built Ford Field. Today, the Silverdome has lost its inflatable canvas roof, leaving the interior a mossy, windswept ruin. Shot in June, Fernengel's video contains voiceover in the persona of the stadium. It's cheesy, but also bizarrely moving.

Up for sale with a $30 million asking price, the Silverdome and its world-famous inflatable roof have fallen into total disrepair. Owner Andreas Apostolopoulos wants a sale, but also told the Detroit Free Press that he's also open to leasing the facility or teaming up with other investors to redevelop the site.

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Pontiac Silverdome

1200 Featherstone Rd, Pontiac, MI 48342