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Renovations Begin in Earnest on the Olde Building

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Photos via Curbed Photo Pool<br>
Photos via Curbed Photo Pool

One of our readers tipped us to renovations happening at the Olde Building, aka "the 751", aka 751 Griswold. This building is immediately next door to the Security Trust Lofts (and, of course, Anytime Fitness). The corner building, which takes up a choice location at the confluence of Lafayette and Griswold downtown, was designed by iconic Detroit architect Albert Kahn.

Built in 1924, before its purchase two years ago, the Olde Building stood vacant for 17 years, needing new mechanical systems and extensive cosmetic restoration inside. Enter Detroit developer Roger Basmajian, who paid $800K for the property, as we reported in 2013. Basmajian planned to spend $4M renovating it, installing a first floor restaurant with office space upstairs. No work on what he'd do with the old bank vaults in the basement.

While night work started last year, the site was pretty quiet in recent months, until workers were spotted inside this week, and captured by a Curbed tipster. We've reached out to Mr. Basmajian. Watch this space for more on the renovation and development of 751. Will it be "the 751," as banners attached to its side once declared? We'd really love to ask.

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