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Riverfront Condo Offers 1-Bedroom, 1-Bath, Asks $154.9K

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Photo via Zillow

This condo in Riverfront Apartments is a bit on the small side, with 1-bedroom and 1-bath and just 621 square feet. Unlike the other unit we profiled in this building, the one asking $154.9K has nicer finishes in the common areas, and the small kitchen is nicely appointed. The ask is also far steeper than that one we discussed in June—it asked $135K, which we saw as sky high.

At $154K, this tiny unit with the nice river views is asking for roughly $248 per square foot. For just slightly more—a mere $22 more a square foot, you can have a far nicer condo that it twice the size. And it's in a similar location: River Place. In fact, given how much nicer the River Place condo is, and the fact that prices are negotiable, you have wonder how the Riverfront Apartment condo arrived at its $154K ask. Maybe because a comparable place, the River Place condo, is twice the size annd was listing for $302K, they figured they'd just ask half of that, give or take? The price per square foot is very similar, which seems off given that one building was designed by Albert Kahn, and the other is Riverfront Apartments.

It's not a bad little condo. It has some hardwood flooring, and a lot of storage in the bedroom. Nice river views. And the kitchen, though small, feels sweet and intimate as opposed to claustrophobic. And there's a dishwasher, which is great a use of the limited space. Nothing wrong with this place that we can see. It'd be a nice pad for maybe a Quicken staffer who's young and single. But $154K seems unlikely. The market will, of course, decide.

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