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Windows of Detroit's Soul: Slow Progress at Michigan Central

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Photo via<a href=""> The Detroit Hub</a><br>
Photo via The Detroit Hub

Last week's announcement of a deal to give the Moroun family part of Riverside Park in exchange for a different parcel of land adjacent to the park and cash for park rehab also included Matty Moroun's promise to replace over a thousand windows at Michigan Central Station. For years, the station has languished in terrible disrepair as its owner, Moroun, held out hope that the site would house part of the second bridge to Canada no one actually wants him to build. No one, save Matty Moroun himself.

This time, Moroun swears, the windows will come. Given the game of Lucy and the Charlie Brown football Moroun's been playing with Detroiters since he took ownership of MCS in 1998, we'll believe it when we see it. While the station has sat vacant since 1998, and Moroun shows no sign of ever selling, one enterprising local broker has the building on his website as a real estate listing which reads (in part): "Maybe it's time. Cork Town is happening. We will present any credible offers and will assist with implementation of any plans for the main station and 18 floor tower." Good luck with that.

Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216