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Summertime and the Flippin' is Easy for Boston Edison 5-bed

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Photos via<a href="http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/Detroit-MI/88594672_zpid/17762_rid/42.496909,-82.74662,42.207668,-83.451118_rect/10_zm/"> Zillow</a><br>
Photos via Zillow

Less than a year ago, this 1931 arts-and-crafts style home in Boston Edison went for $140K. Now on the market for $297K, the home has since undergone updates, including refinishing the hardwood floors on the second story. With five bedrooms and 5.5 baths in 4500 square feet, the house has room for you, your family, some friends, 47 cats, and, per the realtor, your mother-in-law (on the third floor, because the elderly love climbing stairs). This house has a ballroom, also on the third floor, in case your elderly in-laws want to party down like it's 1899.

This house has a grand staircase, whose landing is dramatically framed against floor-to-ceiling leaded glass windows with a floral motif. The kitchen, though small, is nicely appointed and not completely hideous, though some updates there would dramatically improve the space. The vast master bedroom has an attached bath, and the third floor has a full ballroom, though the listing doesn't depict it, so perhaps it's overrun with dancing squirrels. The living room has lovely old sash cord windows along one wall and square leaded glass windows framing a fireplace the realtor hilariously describes as "grandiose." The crown moldings in the living room are particularly pretty, and the casework paneling in the dining room makes the space feel grand, but not overwhelmingly opulent.

Original touches include the massive swinging door between the dining room and the kitchen, and there's a foyer covered in what looks like Pewabic tile flooring. The home has a detached three-car garage, and the basement offers an additional 1500 square feet, an apartment-sized kitchen, a fireplace and 1.5 baths, making it ideal as a rental space (and renovation project, though not in that order).

Whether or not renting that basement would truly allow a new homeowner to "come be a part of the revival of Detroit," as the realtor suggests is a question better left to philosophers or, at the very least, sociologists. The home ticks all the boxes its asking price suggests and then some. The flip here should be relatively easy. Given the move-in condition and what similar (though far less nicely appointed places are listing for), that's saying something.

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