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Curbed Detroit's Story of the Summer

We've covered a lot of ground this summer (i.e., reported on property of all sorts). We saw that Satan statute come and go. There was Nicole Curtis, Dan Gilbert, and Wes Borland. The Fisher Building sold, then Book Tower. The Park Avenue imploded, prices on riverfront condo exploded; it was a grand, old time. A-hem. So let's not write a Detroit Neighborhoods and Real Estate musical. Instead, we're looking back on the stories this summer and asking you to choose a story of the summer for us to cover further in the fall. This week, We'll present several choices. You'll vote, and we'll do an update on that story sometime in October.

1) HGTV Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Restores Ransom Gillis House.

This summer, Nicole Curtis came to Detroit to restore 1870s architectural gem Ransom Gillis House. Her work on the Brush Park home was underwritten in part by Bedrock Real Estate Services/Dan Gilbert.

2) The M-1 Chugs Along.

Some time in August, we noticed the M-1 looked more like light rail and less like craters left by artillery. A great sign! Of more ramp closings, at the very least.

3) Windows 2015

The Moroun family/ Bridge Co began replacing the windows in the long-vacated Michigan Central Station. Out of the goodness of their hearts. Oh. No. Because it got them a few acres of land down by the river.

Note: we're also voting on photo of the summer. The blurbs for all the stories featured in this series include pictures by Curbed's photographers, Michelle and Chris Gerard.

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Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216