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Detroit Snatch-and-Grab Duo Target HGTV 'Rehab Addict' Nicole Curtis

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Yesterday, HGTV star Nicole Curtis was the victim of a snatch-and-grab outside of the parking garage at Larned and Griswold downtown. The host of "Rehab Addict" was with family members when two men in an SUV blocked her car's path, and one of the men climbed into Curtis' car and stole a bag containing a laptop. Curtis, in town completing work on Ransom Gillis House for an upcoming season of her show, was unhurt.

This random event, though very serious (and seriously embarrassing to the city), shouldn't be a source of alarm. According to statistics released by Detroit Police, robbery in the city has dropped sharply in the last year.

According to the city's official stats, violent crime, while still at epidemic levels, showed a decline in 2014. For 2014, the city also reported the lowest murder rate in 47 years. With 300 murders on the books, this is hardly a source of celebration, but evidence of progress can't be denied. Robberies like Curtis' have also shown a huge decline—from 2013 to 2014, the city's robbery rate dropped 34%, from 2836 to 1879.

Curtis assured fans that she's fine, and encouraged people to be more aware of their surroundings. "Be safe," Curtis said via her Facebook page. "Be aware. And thank you for all the emails, texts, phone calls of concern."

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