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Indian Village Yard Sale: Peek Inside Historic Neighborhood's Attics and Basements

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This weekend, Indian Village denizens invite the metroplex to come rifle through their things. Is it an open house with a lax realtor? Better! It's a massive yard sale in one of Detroit's wealthiest and most beautiful neighborhoods. If you ever scoped out large item trash day in the Pointes or meant to hit that lobby sale at the Park Shelton (but opted for crucial weekend sleeping, like we did), this weekend's sale offers steals, deals, treasures. And also probably 1000 things made in China. But it's Detroit, so we're going to hope for better things. Like old Fiestaware and lost drawings by Frida Kahlo.

While the Facebook page for the event is a bit utilitarian, it does promise "Detroit Collectable Antiques, Mid-Century, Fine China, Crystal Glassware, Recession Era Glass Ware, Books, Furniture Of All Styles, Designer Vintage Women's Clothing, Books, Antique Frames, Artwork, Contemporary Women's fashion, Hardware, Antique Fishing Equipment, and Much Much More!" We can forgive the Title Case Caps, but…"recession era" glassware? I hope they mean Depression glass and not a set of Libby tumblers purchased at Target during the George W. Bush years.

Jokes aside, this sale offers a really unique opportunity to look at some very beautiful old homes and to talk to the owners (while buying things). If the items for sale match the quality of the things pictured on the event page, the sale promises a treasure hunt through Detroit's storied past. Organizer Rachel Pierson Urbanek who reached out to us about the event seems genuinely excited about the weekend. Meet her and her neighbors…and buy their crap. Their very cool old crap.

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