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Cinema Detroit Screens WPA Documentary, Hosts Directors

Tonight at 7 pm, Connecticut filmmakers Michael Maglaras and Terri Templeton will visit Detroit to screen "Enough to Live On: The Arts of the WPA" at Cinema Detroit. Cinema Detroit moves to new digs on 3rd street in just a couple of weeks, so this $9 screening may be your final chance to see the men's room pool table, have a Faygo on the sweeping staircase, or see a really interesting new documentary about the Works Progress Administration. This federal government program was part of FDR's New Deal. The WPA put unemployed artists to work on projects to beautify and truly improve communities, especially public buildings.
"I'm delighted that we're screening in Detroit and especially in a venue such as Cinema Detroit," Director Michael Maglaras said in a statement. "Our film is a celebration of the art of the WPA era, and even though Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry murals were not WPA art…it is clear that his work and example did more than anything else to spark into life the great American mural work that was done under the WPA."

This film includes more than 70 WPA artworks, and focuses particularly on the DIA's own Detroit Industry murals and Diego Rivera's time working on these vast deco masterpieces. The documentary also discusses work by Dorothea Lange, Stuart Davis, Reginald Marsh and Rockwell Kent. The screening starts promptly at 7. The directors will field questions after the movie.

Excerpt from "Enough to Live On: The Arts of the WPA" - Diego Rivera Detroit Industry Murals from 217 Films on Vimeo.

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