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Black Lives Matter Mural Takes Shape at N'Namdi Center

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New York born, Miami-based muralist Renda Writer is working on an exterior wall at the N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit. The artist writes the same "mantra" over and over again as part of his process. In Miami, his handwritten mural consisted of the words "Love is a risk. Do it anyway," written over half a million times. Writer uses a white paint marker for the pieces, and his Love mural in Miami took over 350 hours to complete. His Detroit piece has a very direct and unmistakable message: Black Lives Matter. A video posted to the artist's YouTube account shows him working on the wall in Detroit this week.

Writer's Miami mural takes up the entire facade of N'Namdi's gallery there, and this work let to the Detroit commission. If you'd like to check out the artist in action, the gallery is located at 52 E. Forest Ave, about four blocks south of the DIA. Writer began work on Monday, so you should have plenty of opportunities to come say hi. The wall at N'Namdi Contemporary Art is 20'X40', so he'll be there a while. And word is he sometimes works shirtless, um, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

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