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Curbed Readers Beg Friedman to Tear Down those Posters

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While a sale of the historic Guardian Building might ease some of Wayne County's enormous debt burden, one Crubed tipster asks that the firm in charge, Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions, take a little more subtle approach. According to the tipster (and our own eyeballs), Friedman has nailed large "for lease" posters to the north and south facades of the iconic 1920s skyscraper. While our tipster admits "It's probably not illegal." While this is true, he says—and we agree—that these large signs detract from the building's street presence. Not sure we'd take it as far as our source who thinks "the full weight of the preservation community should be brought to bear on Friedman until the signs are removed." Maybe now that they know there's a problem, Friedman will do the right thing. And how often do posters sell a $10 million building so famous Red Bull puts it on tours of the city? There are smarter ways to skin this cat.

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Guardian Building

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