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What ever Happened to...?Revisiting Homes We've Covered

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Ever wonder what became of some of the homes for sale we discuss here? We're revisiting a few choice listings from the site's recent history to catch you up on sale prices and other final outcomes. We like to think we call this stuff well, but the market never loses the power to surprise even the most savvy follower of Detroit real estate.

1. 658 Longfellow

In February, we begged you to spend just $65K to make this Boston Edison house to its full 1913 glory. With 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, the 1916 brick charmer has a roomy 3000 square feet of living space. The gallery from our February story shows many original touches worthy of salvage: wood banisters, French doors, a fireplace with built-in shelling. There's also water damage, carpet and a kitchen that need to go, and the clawfoot tub, while still inside the home, wasn't installed in any way.

Our take: "The asking price is $65,000. Considering the owner snagged it for $12,100 in the 2011 tax auction, you might have some room to negotiate."
The Sale: The house went for well over the $65K ask, selling for $100K on August 29th. Given the limited attempts (if any) at any kind of renovation, and that fact that the owner paid just $11K for the place at tax auction, this represents a near ten-fold return on investment.

2. 35 and 82 Sand Bar Lane

When a nearly identical home in the same development listed this late last month for $550K, we scoffed. We thought the place was too big and the price way too high. Recently, a house just steps away from the the home we discussed sold for $580K.
Our take: "The ask seems very high, given the home's history on the market."
Results just down the street: This house—also with 4 bedrooms and also with about 4500 square feet—sold on July 31st for $580K

3. 2454 Seminole St

We called this one "the wine house" when it was on the market for $279K. While the house was in fair shape and the price was very good, there were no takers and the home was removed from the market recently. Given the prices we're seeing nearby—today's half-million dollar listing is just one street over—fall might be a great time to try again. Not to mention that the new beaujolais comes out soon, so you'd have something nice for one last hurrah in the wine kitchen.

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