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Detroit News Analysis Shows Whites are Flying Back to Detroit

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The Detroit News released an analysis today showing that Detroit added 8000 brand new white people to its population, calling this "the first significant increase since 1950." The News analyzed U.S. Census Bureau data that came out Wednesday and found a some tantalizing facts in the massive government report. This analysis is intriguing and the News had an interesting take on the information, despite illustrating it with a photograph that practically screams "here be hipsters" while reminding us of The Onion.

Detroit has added an estimated 14,000 white residents since 2010
Detroit's black population is 79.1 percent
The Latino population is 7.2 percent
The city's Caucasians comprise 10.2 percent of the Detroit's total population for 2014
The 1.3 percent rise in white population last year is the first significant gain since the 1950s, according to experts cited by the News.

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