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Nicole Curtis Video Gives Sneak Peek at Ransom Gillis

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When she's not setting the yard on (a limited amount of) fire, Nicole Curtis is getting it done at Ransom Gillis. She just released video that among other things takes viewers on a brief tour inside the storied 1876 Brush Park mansion. While she and her crew make joke bets about how much longer they have to go on the project—and those bets by contractors and tradesman ranged from two weeks to 30 days—Curtis is confident that the work will wrap much, much sooner. Though the video is brief and shaky, some standout features include the beautiful stonework on the new fireplaces, tall custom cabinets in the kitchen, and new front doors.

Curtis initially refused to bet on the timetable herself, but later said "twenty-two days." Given her show's production schedule, odds are, we'll be touring the finished house sometime in October. The new season of The Rehab Addict featuring Ransom Gillis' transformation debuts Nov 5.

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Ransom Gillis House

205 Alfred Street, , MI 48201