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Just a Day Left to Get in on the Wayne County Tax Auction

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Wayne County's tax auction, the largest of its kind in the US, ends registration tomorrow at 5 pm. September 10 is the cutoff for anyone interested in bidding on any of the thousands of homes under the direction of Raymond J. Wojtowicz. We've highlighted a few special properties up for grabs this year, but there's a wealth of potentially amazing homes, commercial properties and rental buildings on the block, and we've found some Boston Edison, Pingree Park and Sherwood Forest options to fuel many a prospective landowner's fantasies.

729 Pingree

This small apartment building constructed in 1910 is in the up-and-coming Pingree Park neighborhood. Comps here are all over the map, ranging from $26K to over $100K. Given the exterior look of this place, if the interior is in fair-to-salvageable shape this could be a great investment, especially for someone who'd like to live in one unit and rent the others.

Previous Sales:
2008: $60,000
2006: $1000
State Equalized Value(SEV): Unknown

19480 Stratford

This 1924 Tudor in Sherwood Forest has a regal street presence with its red brick façade, arched windows and wooden shutters. The neighborhood is selling very well these days, so this place would make either a nice investment or a great family home. The house is listed as occupied, though, which makes it a tricky situation. The county tells potential bidders not to visit these properties or attempt communication with any occupants. It's very much caveat emptor here, though the home's look and age make it very tempting.

Previous Sales:
2008: $65,000
State Equalized Value(SEV):

1428 Edison

This1700-square-foot brick home in Boston Edison has three stories of living space. The 1916 home has a third floor dormer with the protruding windows typical of craftsman construction. The neighborhood has been on the rise for years, and nearby houses are selling for as much as $80K, even in rough shape.

Previous Sales:
2008: $12,025
State Equalized Value(SEV):

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