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Virginia Park Fixer Upper Gets a Spike in Price

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New in "How much will you pay for a lot of work?" is a listing on beautiful Virginia Park. This five bedroom, four bath home is asking $200k, and has plenty of projects the buyer. In yet another listing where the pictures don't really sell much, the interior begs to be cleaned. The woodwork looks intact throughout, as do most of the floors, but they need someone to take care of them. Same goes for a lovely grand staircase that begs to be cleaned. The kitchen needs to be gutted completely. The outside features a front porch, large back yard, and small garage that connects with the alley.

This house is on a street that has an active block club and neighbors who know and look out for each other. It could be used as a single family home or as rentals, as many houses on that street currently do. It's also a few blocks away from the Fisher Building and the end of the MI rail (Rocketrail or whatever you want to call it) and not too far from Wayne State. But considering this house sold for $61K six months ago, we're wondering why the large jump in price.
· 149 Virginia Park St [Zillow]