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President Obama Is Visiting Detroit: Here's What He Should See and Do

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Courtesy Michelle and Chris Gerard

President Obama will visit the Auto Show on Wednesday, along with a swing by an undisclosed Detroit neighborhood and a chat at the UAW-GM Center for Human Resource. This is Obama's chance to see and learn about the revitalization efforts in Detroit, so we have some suggestions for his short visit. Here's a little sample tour for his time between Cobo and East Jefferson.

Mr. President, since you'll be touring the Auto Show at Cobo, you could just hop on the People Mover. Now hear us out. (We'll have secret service clear it first) If you have limited time in the city and want to get a quick look at the architecture downtown, the People Mover isn't a bad choice. You'll see the newly renovated David Whitney Building, catch a glimpse of the Wurlitzer Building before it's redone, and admire some of the public art downtown. And many of the stations are quite lovely themselves.

[Courtesy Michelle and Chris Gerard]

You'll also get an idea of the limited public transportation for Detroit residents while riding the 2.9 mile loop around downtown. But hey, the Rocketrail is coming!

But you're a busy guy. You'll take Jefferson all the way to the UAW, and you might notice a few developments along the way. Between Jefferson and the Riverfront, you'll see Orleans Landing rising at a pretty impressive rate. Why is this important? Like a lot of projects here, it was talked about for years and now we're finally seeing some progress.

And even though it'll be too cold for you to get out and explore, the Riverfront is one of the best examples of revitalization in the city. What used to be...nothing, really, is now a place where kids and family play and people can bike, run, walk, and enjoy the views. It's pretty great.

[Courtesy Michelle and Chris Gerard]

And you'll be driving right over another gem in the city - the Dequindre Cut. What used to be an old railroad bed is now a bike path linking city neighborhoods and covered in public art. It's also a good example of public, private, and non-profit partnership. We make it work here.

[Courtesy Michelle and Chris Gerard]

We do hope you get to see more of the city because there's so much to see. Next time, give us a heads up and we're happy to show you around.

Obama to meet with residents in Detroit on Wednesday