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New Photos Show Progress on District Detroit Arena

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New pictures of The District Detroit went up this past week. It's starting to look like a real arena!

It's taking shape! #districtdetroit #detroit #progress #snow

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While the District Detroit is set to open for the 2017 Red Wings season, it's still unclear when and how Olympia Development will be renovating the Hotel Eddystone into residential units.

Also worth noting, Harry's Detroit was recently recognized for its patience and sets itself up for a prime sports location. Sometimes it's just nice to know that in the midst of all the new retail and restaurants, we'll still have an old standby.

More than 1,700 pieces of steel placed, 22,000 cubic feet of foundation concrete poured. #districtdetroit #detroit

A photo posted by The District Detroit (@districtdetroit) on

Harry's Detroit may be in the best location in downtown [Metro Times]
Hotel Eddystone