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1701 Bespoke Finds the Right Fit on Woodward

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All photos Michelle and Chris Gerard

A high-end custom menswear brand has opened its doors to its flagship location on Woodward and Willis. After running a pop-up in Campus Martius since 2013, 1701 Bespoke has found its permanent location in Midtown.

Designed by Patrick Thompson Design, this 2700-square-foot, third floor loft space isn't about just buying a suit. It's an experience. The loft features a consultation/fitting room, tailoring room, and a privately stocked bar and lounge.

Founders Tom Daguanno and Max Schmidt looked for years for the right space in Detroit. This space, above Zef's Midtown, overlooks Woodward and will be right along the M-1 rail line.

Patrick Thompson Design wanted the architecture to dictate the design, and to ensure the space was as sophisticated as the brand. "It was crucial to make sure the client's experience begins the moment they get off the elevator, while they wait in the parlor and then finally in the the fitting and dressing area where the magic happens," says Thompson.

1701 Bespoke also has a second location in Birmingham, but we're quite fond of the Midtown space.
Patrick Thompson Design