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Regal Palmer Woods Manor Lists for 2005 Price

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At a time when we see prices drastically increasing around Detroit, this six-bedroom English Manor in Palmer Woods has lowered its asking price to $350,000, the same price it sold for more than ten years ago.

This 4,636-square-foot house (fit for a queen! Or at least a knight!) is packed with character, from leaded glass windows and doors to crown molding to a beautiful fireplace. The large living room with lots of natural light features a grand piano and formal dining table, included with the house. The spacious kitchen definitely has room for improvement, but looks to have newer appliances. The third floor features an open space with a lot of possibilities, such as an office, studio, or playroom and includes its own bedroom and closet. The basement has a bar area and space for entertaining, plus there is a fenced yard, attached garage, and it's located in a posh neighborhood.

This house was last sold in 2005 for $350,000, and in the past few months has gone up and down from $375,000.

· 19265 Afton Rd [Zillow]