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Hatch Detroit and the Detroit Lions Pitch In $150,000 for Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhood

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Businesses on Grand River between Warwick Street and Outer Drive will receive some sprucing up thanks to a neighborhood initiative from Hatch Detroit and the Detroit Lions. Efforts will focus on making these areas more pedestrian and bike friendly. The project work will include new landscaping, bike racks, trash cans and signage for four businesses: Always Brewing, Rosedale Pharmacy, Mr. Bernard's Concept Salon, and Beverage One.

Grandmont Rosedale is one of the target neighborhoods in the Neighborhood Initiative, which includes the North End, Corktown, Southwest Detroit, West Village and the Avenue of Fashion. Phases I and II of the project on the Avenue of Fashion and West Village have already been completed.

"In all Neighborhood Initiative projects, Hatch Detroit aims to celebrate the culture of the business district, stimulate greater economic interest and reintegrate an artful approach into urban design," said Vittoria Katanski, Executive Director of Hatch Detroit.

The Hatch Detroit Neighborhood Initiative is part of Living for the City, an extension of the Detroit Lions' philanthropic initiative which supports physical fitness, healthy eating, housing, land use and environmental planning, public transportation, community infrastructure, and aligned workforce opportunities.

Hatch Detroit and the Detroit Lions team up to invest in Grandmont Rosedale