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Rosedale Park Brick Tudor Built in 1927 Asks $165K

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Show off unique Detroit design with this five-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath house in Rosedale Park. Tell visitors to look for the diamond-shaped window above the front door. While the angular lines stand out in front, the back includes a balcony, back deck, and big backyard. This three-story 2,545-square-foot home, built in 1927, is full of unique features inside, including leaded glass french doors, wet plaster ceiling medallions, and crown molding accent strips. The living room has dark wood-framed windows and doors, with a working fireplace. The third floor can be converted into an extra bedroom or living space. A three-car garage and freshly paved driveway gives you a break from the potholes.

15320 Glastonbury Ave