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You Can Own a Former Frat House in Detroit for $225K

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[UPDATE 1/6: This listing is currently off the market. On the same day that this listing arrived on the market, it was removed. Curbed was also contacted by Sigma Pi Fraternity member Hamza Ahmed who confirmed that the chapter that inhabits this single-family home is from Wayne State University.]
Sometimes, properties appeal to homebuyers because of previous owners or residents. For this New Center single-family home, the previous residents were brothers of the international social fraternity, Sigma Pi. This might not be the biggest selling point to the listing, and it might not be a selling point at all, but hey, if any fraternities are looking for a new place to call home, this is one option. There are very few listing photos of the single-family home, and there's only one photo that shows the inside. Unfortunately, that one photo only shows the ceiling, but it does show that there are beamed ceilings, so that's a plus. It's uncertain of if the chapter enjoys throwing ragers, but if they do, you can probably expect a huge need for some TLC to the property. The listing doesn't indicate which university the frat house is associated with, but it's likely either Wayne State University or the University of Detroit Mercy as they both have Sigma Pi chapters and are only one- to one-and-a-half miles away.

· 630 Virginia Park Street [Realtor]
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