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Gutted West Village Home Wants $79.9K, Needs Inside Vision

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By Robin Runyan

A new listing in one of Detroit's most desirable neighborhoods leaves the interior to the imagination of the investor. This 100-year-old single family home at 1779 Seyburn (near Kercheval) features an adjacent lot (hello, gardeners!) and a potentially great location. For $79,900, the buyer can finish this project for the next residents.

The good news: The outside is done. This house has recently received a new roof, windows, and paint. The front door could be a little more welcoming than the white metal bars, but that's left to the new owners.

The working orders: The interior needs everything. The four bedrooms and one and a half baths are pretty much gutted at this point. The living room features a lovely fireplace as its centerpiece. From the limited pictures, this house also has an attic/loft space with some natural light and wood beams.

This 1,650 square foot house is just a few blocks away from Sister Pie, Parker St. Market, Craftwork, and Detroit Vegan Soul, and a short car or bike ride from Belle Isle. Seyburn St. right now isn't ideal, but considering the growth in that area over the past two years, the future owner would be banking on more motivated buyers and potential businesses in that area.

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