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Hotel Guests Can Watch Detroit Transform from their Rooms

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By Robin Runyan

The corner of Washington and Michigan will be getting a facelift soon. As reported by Kirk Pinho in Crain's Detroit Business, the Gateway Center building, directly across from the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel, will be torn down and rebuilt as a mixed use development.

If the building doesn't come to mind immediately, think of the large series of portraits, both in color and black and white, that surround the exterior of the first floor of a vacant building near the bus stops.

Yes, that one.
Citing no historic significance to the building, the owner Richard Karp has decided to tear it down in favor of rebuilding and using the adjacent lots. This building will house multi-family units, but more details (timing, size) are unknown at this point.

Capitol Park and the surrounding areas should be heavy on the construction in the near future, with the redevelopment here, across the street at the Gabriel Richard Building, and the 219 Micro-Apartments on Grand River. There will certainly be plenty of living options - let's just hope they're good options!
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