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Downtown Urban Garden Gains National Appreciation

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By Robin Runyan

The American Society of Landscape Architects has chosen Lafayette Greens as one of 40 case studies to show, "the transformative effects of sustainable landscape design," in its Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes Initiative.

Lafayette Greens was created after the Lafayette Building came down in 2009. Kenneth Weikal Landscape Architecture designed the garden, which contains 35 raised beds in a 0.425 acre space. The garden grows more than 200 types of plants and now supplies up to 800 pounds of produce a season to the Gleaner's Community Food Bank in Southeast Michigan and Freedom House.

Compuware employees and community volunteers tend to the garden. The Greening of Detroit also holds evening classes there.

Lafayette Greens is a great place for kids and adults to learn about sustainability and recycling in an urban environment. Many of the materials used in the garden are re-used from around the city, including pavers made from old sidewalks. Community members can also learn about how irrigation and water systems work. Stop by sometime on your way back from Lafayette Coney Island!
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