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Update: Midcentury co-op at Chateaufort Place sells over asking

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One of the idyllic communities in Lafayette Park

1504 Chateaufort Place Vizzi Mixed Media

Earlier this summer, we showed you a lovely co-op in Chateaufort Place, a hidden gem in Lafayette Park. We don’t often see co-ops in this community go up for sale, and the owners wanted to share this community with Curbed and our readers. After much interest in the property, the co-op has officially closed and sold for $285,000, $40K over asking.

Saverio A. Montalto from Max Broock Realtors, who sold the property, said his client like many others wanted a Mies co-op, but Montalto knew Lafayette Park well and introduced his client to this community. The unit was already updated, which was another big selling point, plus these units aren’t going for nearly as much as a Mies unit, but they have high quality construction and are located a park-like setting and tight community.

The previous owner did extensive updates to the unit, but as their family was growing, they outgrew the space. But they did enjoy getting to know their neighbors and becoming involved in this idyllic setting. Here’s one more look inside Chateaufort Place.