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The Dequindre Cut has a new performance space

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If you’ve biked, jogged, or walked along the Dequindre Cut over the last couple months, you’ve likely noticed a bit of construction work near where the bike path from Lafayette and St. Aubin Street meet. The Campbell Memorial Terrace is a new small-scale performance space with a covered stage for impromptu performances and programmed events.

The terrace was commissioned by the McGregor Fund to honor the legacy of its former president C. David Campbell, who passed away in 2014. Campbell was also a founding member of the Conservancy’s Board of Directors.

"David Campbell loved Detroit, so it’s an honor to remember him with this beautiful space," said Mark Wallace, president & CEO of the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy. "He also loved art, music and dance. The Campbell Memorial Terrace will be great for intimate performances, and I’m sure kids who encounter it on their way to the riverfront will enjoy putting on their own impromptu shows."

It’ll officially be open after a ceremony on October 13. There will be programming at the Terrace during the October 22 Harvestfest Detroit celebration along the Dequindre Cut, a family festival that will include musical performances for children.

The Campbell Memorial Terrace is made possible by a $1 million gift from the McGregor Fund to the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy. The Fund approached the Conservancy following Campbell’s death in 2014 with the idea of commissioning a community space and honoring him by creating a new destination that the public could enjoy. Work began on the project this spring.

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